Maria, 37 Anos de Idade., Rússia, Saratov
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Informação principal
Nome: Maria
Idade: 37
Localização: Rússia, Saratov
Signo do zodíaco: Touro
Peso: 61Kg
Altura: 175Cm
Cor dos olhos: Azul
Cor do cabelo: Preto
Tipo de actividade: Gosto de me levantar tarde
Com informação:
Inglês 4 (Avançado)
Japonês 2 (Elementar)
Estado Civil: Solteiro
Deseja filhos?: Sim
Concorda em mudar?:
Concordo em mudar dentro do meu país
Concordo em mudar para outro país
Prioridades na vida:
Relação familiar de longo prazo
Equilíbrio mental
Estabilidade, segurança
Educação: Ensino superior (licenciatura)
Profissão: Outro

Respostas a algumas questões

Como se descreveria a si próprio?
I am originally from Russia, but I used to live in Japan for a while. I am always happy get to know new people and explore other countries' cultures. Conversation always brings me lots of fun.
I am a rather interesting and compassionate girl with a very sincere, open soul, I prefer interesting, smart, talented people with a good sense of humor because I have the same personality).
I am an outgoing person and I always try to see the brighter side of things in life. I am good-natured, generous, single-minded. I think my personality can be also described as kind, romantic, considerate, understanding, flexible, faithful and honest.
My interests are languages, creative writing, poetry, painting, philosophy/spiritual, traveling, music, reading books (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery), animals, especially cats, and many others. When I have special mood, I am able to write verses. Recently I've started to learn how to play acoustic guitar.
I like to travel very much, as a tourist I have visited some European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg; also Malaysia and of course Japan. I believe, the biggest plus of international tourism is, we can learn a lot from different countries.
Como descreveria o seu parceiro ideal?
Well, my beloved person, his main trait of character must be his manliness, charisma, responsibility, and intelligence.
In a man I am looking for care, defense, gentleness, confidence and decency. He is - considerable, independent, honest, as a person. Successful in his career or business, a man who is financially stable, with a good, stable job. Strong-willed and resolute, but gentle, kind, with a sense of humor, loving and reliable, as a rock. I would always like to feel support and protection of my man.
I hope to meet a person who is destined for me. I believe, that he lives somewhere and we do not know about each others' existence. I believe, that there is a place for happiness in life. And each person has second half even if at the moment he is very far....
I am interested in a serious relationship only. I want to have a happy family, a good husband, who will care about me, support and protect me, with whom I can share all my love and spend all my life, make home with, and have a lovely baby then. This sounds simple, but it's my dream.
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